Sumner Avenue School is a Pre-K to Grade 5 school which provides a rigorous curriculum for all students. The instructional focus of the school is reading comprehension and specific strategies are implemented in all subject areas. Reading comprehension is monitored and evaluated throughout the year, and progress in all academics is achieved.

Sumner Avenue School is involved in the Cornerstone Literacy Initiative. Teachers implement proven strategies to increase literacy skills. Students who are not meeting proficiency levels are immersed in research based interventions to support achievement. Sumner has computer based intervention programs and has a fully equipped computer lab. In addition, Sumner offers a Science lab, Student Council, Recycling Team and before and after school clubs and tutorial programs.

Sumner Avenue School has several programs for students with special needs. These programs include services for both children with autism and for students with social, emotional, and behavioral needs.

Sumner Avenue Schools provides a diverse, positive climate where all students strive for academic excellence.